Welcome to Lois’ Inspirational Photography

Soon to be the future site of LCJ-Design.


LCJ-Design – so what is it?

LCJ-Design stands for Lois Catherine Jacobson Design.

Years ago I started a photography business called Loisip.com. Lois’ Inspirational Photography. This was, and still is the love of my heart – God and all His Glory. It has been sitting idle for quite some time. I believe and pray that it is now time to take my photography business to the next level, continuing this journey. I have amazing pictures of God’s creation that have the Word of God written on them, or just the photograph by itself. So many of them speak loud and clear of the testimony of God’s goodness and wonder.


Bags Galore!

The next level of our journey includes my love for sewing, something I have been doing since I was little. Since then I have taken sewing classes and produced many handmade bags. To accompany my newfound love of sewing we plan on releasing these bags in the near future. They will come in a multitude of beautiful patterns and quite a few different sizes as well. 


An Author Too!

I bet you didn’t know I was an author too! Around the beginning of 2019 God gave me an idea for a book I would write called “What Will Become Of Clay?” There will be more information listed on the new book page currently being worked on. Here, you will be able to read more on the book as well as being able to purchase it.

So welcome, I hope you enjoy the website as we grow and the new items are added. Don’t forget to click on the menu links, they will take you to the photography, and more information about the book and bags. Also don’t forget to check us out on Facebook

Enjoy your day and God’s Blessings on everything you do!

Be Still