“What Will Become of Clay?

About the beginning of 2019, God gave me a story. It is about a lump of clay sitting on the potters’ wheel. The title of the book is “What Will Become Of Clay?” I sent the story to a friend of mine in Massachusetts and she did the illustrations for the book. Clay came to life. So the book came out at the same time this pandemic did. The book has been sitting idle since all this began. But there is a story to be told, and I am going to tell it. As I left my job at Lifetouch that I had been doing for 6 1/2 years, I was now in a place where I wasn’t sure what to do. The book was on hold and I am sitting at home day after day wondering what to do. I started sewing. If would like to know more about the book please visit the website by clicking on the book or the link at the top of this paragraph!

WWBOC? Children's Book
“What Will Become Of Clay?”, Written by Author Lois Jacobson and Illustrated by Greta Chirco.